Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Colours/patterns will vary per batch! 

Made using SOY WAX and the very best fragrance oils I could find. 


Wax products come in cello bags with relevant CLP labelling.

Rings are approx 10g. Just add to your burner.

Waffles are approx 40g, break off a piece and add to your burner.

Snap Blocks are approx 80g, break off a chunk and add to your burner.

Never add water or anything else to your burner apart from the wax product being used at the time.

Leaving your burner on for too long (more than 4 hours) can cause it to overheat and crack! 

To clean out your burner, melt your wax as usual, blow out your candle if needed and add a few balls of cotton wool to the now melted wax melt, this will soak it up. Remove carefully once soaked and wipe out your burner. Add more wax and enjoy!

Many of you state my wax smells good enough to eat, but please DO NOT eat my wax products!

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Disclaimer - Please ensure you use our products safely and correctly. This is your responsibility. Never melt for more than 4 hours at any one time. Do not leave your burner unattended. Keep on a heat resistant surface. Keep away from Children and Pets. Keep away from Windows and Drafts. As amazing as they smell, please do not eat.