Who We are...

Hello again, I'm Karlie. A wife, mum of four, business owner, cook, cleaner, bottle washer, etc... Let's just say there's not a lot I don't do!

Years ago I looked into candle making and it's something I never followed through with for many reasons. I Didn't have much space to do it, money to start up etc. However, I got a bit sick of spending so much money on candles and melts that had a low scent throw or didn't arrive as described. I sat and thought you know what, If I can't find what I want on the market, i'll make my own. So I did.


I bought all the little bits I needed and made my own soy wax melts. I did a lot of research before hand on fragrance, percentages, the best wax for the job etc and made my first batch. This was made for myself and family to use. I obviously needed feedback and this bunch don't sugar coat a thing!!! So I knew they'd be honest. The melts were an absolute hit.

So on I went to make more scents. All of which were a hit with friends and family who used them and from this, Lolo Aroma began...

What/who is Lolo? 


Lolo is Harlow, my first born, my 7 year old diva! Her younger siblings could never say Harlow so lolo it was, and it stuck! This is something we do together.


Whilst obviously shes not on the payroll and she doesn't go near the hot wax she helps me in other ways. She helps me pick the scents, names, glitter etc.

She obviously gives me her opinion too! She isn't a fan of the 'flowery ones'...

Anyway, enough about us! We really do hope you enjoy our makes and share your feedback with family and friends.

Much love x

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Disclaimer - Please ensure you use our products safely and correctly. This is your responsibility. Never melt for more than 4 hours at any one time. Do not leave your burner unattended. Keep on a heat resistant surface. Keep away from Children and Pets. Keep away from Windows and Drafts. As amazing as they smell, please do not eat.